About Jörg Hoh

Yepp, that’s me.

I’m Jörg Hoh and I’m running this blog to spread my knowledge and experience around the Adobe Experience Manager (formerly known as CQ5). I am working as a technical architect for Adobe Systems in Germany, delivery project and partner support with a focus on infrastructure and architecture. My key interests are around performance, stability and operational aspects of web platforms. I started my professional career in 2005 operating a large number of websites of a premium car brand (already on Day Communique, the successor of CQ5 and AEM), and since then I am working with that product series.

In this personal blog I try to cover aspects of AEM regarding architecture aspects, operation best practices and some small bits and pieces, which are useful to know. But note: The content on these pages reflects only my personal opinions and experiences. The content of this blog does not necessarily conform to statements of Adobe or clients of Adobe.

If you have any questions:  I am regular contributor to the Adobe CQ5 forum and on the public Communique mailing list, so come up with your questions there. You can discuss more personal things directly with me via mail or visit my profile on LinkedIn or Xing. You can also follow me on twitter: @joerghoh.