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Interview with Cedric Hüsler in the AEM podcast

Peter and Joey from the AEM podcast recently published their interview with Cedric Hüsler. Check out part 1, part 2 and part 3, there are a lot of interesting statements in there.

Cedric Hüsler is the director of product management for AEM for Adobe and a veteran in the WCM market. Although such a title sometimes suggests something different, Cedric is still very technical (at least sometimes he is, first-hand experience :-)) and this interview is a must-listen for all, which are interested in the ways AEM went and will go.

Thanks Peter and Joey for this podcast!

META: Being linked from Day

Today this blog was presented as link of the day on Thanks for the kudos 🙂

Welcome to all who read this blog for the first time. I’ve collected some experiences with Day CQ here and will share my experience and others thoughts furtheron. Don’t hesitate to comment or drop me an email if you have a question to an post.

Please note: I am not a developer, so I cannot help you with specific question to template programming. In that case you can contact one of the groups mentioned on the Day Developer website.